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It’s another dark day in the Cabeus district. Situated on the moon’s south pole, most of the Earth’s third lunar colony enjoys perpetual sunlight. But the constant shadow of the Cabeus crater creates the ideal conditions for storing water—and conducting shady business in its low-rent wards.

In The Cabeus Protocol, you play as a detective assigned to the darkness-hardened alleys of the Cabeus district. Using your trusty augmented reality VidSlicer (your iOS or Android mobile device), you’ll scan crime scenes for clues and search suspect databases. Once you’ve got the evidence to pin the crime on a perp, it's time to file your case and cross your fingers in hope that the Lunar Justice Division sees things your way.

The Cabeus Protocol is an augmented reality, murder mystery board game that combines a physical game board and your iOS or Android mobile device.

VR Lounge placeholder art inspired from the work of Josan Gonzalez

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